Apple Predictions Sez Ted

Here is my basic prediction about the theme: Apple will show everything they think will not upstage the iPhone.


  • iPhones, iRadio, Apple TV new software & iOS 7 we know. iPhone 5s finger print detector, insane battery life, camera will have better low light plus we’ll get some slow-mo and time-lapsing for video.
  • 5c will be the 5s with plastic shell.
  • iPod Classic will survive … only while supplies last.
  • iPod Touch – Yep and with any colors.
  • If you see an iPod Nano there will be no iWatch this year.
  • Macs – I have a train of thought… iMacs and MacBooks are basically going to get chip refreshes and it’s the Mac Pro that (for once) is going to get all the design and engineering love. They are also devices that will not upstage the iPhone nor do they need to. Sooooo…  I predict they’ll both get bumps tomorrow so there is enough in the pipeline for black friday. They’ll announce them and they’ll ship with Mavericks on them next month.
  • iCloud –  Maybe add video or more storage. Maybe training wheels come off of iWork.
  • iWork – Maybe – they may need something as an impulse buy for current mac owners.
  • OSX – Nope. That’ll be next month.
  • iWatch – No – next month if it happens this year – it cannot be let to upstage iPhone.
  • FCP X? Aperture X? iPhoto X? iMovie X? If and ONLY IF they need them to show off new iMacs with a 4k screen.
  • iBooks Author – might get a few new export settings.

Thats it.  These predictions and $4.50 will get you a medium latte.


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