Apple Prediction sez Jeff

Ok, what happens tomorrow in Cupertino?

There is so much speculation about Apple releases you really have to look hard for a surprise. And sometimes it’s what doesn’t show up that’s the surprise… But to those who say Apple is no longer capable of shocks and surprises, two words – Mac Pro – the wildly different looking and powerful black beauty was pretty much all WOW…. Will we see anything like that on Tuesday…?
Solid guesses: iPhone 5S – the faster, better camera and flash. smarter Siri, update that will take full advantage of all the goodies that iOS 7 has to offer.
Evolution not revolution here – although the fingerprint scanner has awesome potential.
iPhone 5C – C for Color? C for Cheaper? Basically the 4S in new plastic clothing. The cost and other specs are the critical factors here but Apple will probably sell them by the truckload.
Any more hardware? Maybe a updated iPod touch, but that could well wait awhile since it’s such a game device you would push for the holidays.
iPad? – again, probably later in the year.
MacBooks? Nope – later – gotta save some magic and sizzle for later.
MacPro? Promised for Fall… Which could mean the day before winter…
Gonna guess it will arrive later with the launching of Mavericks, the desktop operating system which looks really really cool!
Other hardware? Apple TV – the little project which seems to be a test bed for future tech including the UI for the fabled Apple branded Television. Might see some new features but nothing earthshaking.
Software: heck yeah, obviously iOS 7 and there has to be some love showered on iCloud which could bring about new iApps such as iMovie and iPhoto if the new camera is capable of new tricks.
And iCloud has to be incorporated into the iWork apps: Pages, Numbers and Keynote. Ok, they are already iCloudy to some degree, but more work needs to be done to make saving and shifting and living in the cloud a no-brainer.
And iTunes Radio will be interesting… But if you are a Pandora person it might be musically meh.

I’ll be happy to be totally wrong on any of this – especially if it means some brain numbing, paradigm shattering new product!
Haters will hate, fans will salivate, and the attack on our wallets goes on…


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