Editing Video in Mid-Air with the Leap Motion Controller

This is a a really good in-depth product analysis by filmmaker Eric Escobar. There is a special place in heaven reserved for early adopters.

This is a very frustrating way to edit video on a computer.  It can be done, it sort of works, but it’s slow. Even after making a lot of tiny adjustments to Leap placement and room lighting (it is sensitive to IR), tracking speed and other settings, I was only able to slightly improve my ability to execute actions efficiently. While the Leap is a remarkable piece of technology, I still think the concept of motion capture gestural user input is very early in its development. There are a couple of hurdles that the tech needs to find solutions to, the first being haptic feedback. Even the smoothest physical device or control surface provides some resistance to let your brain and body know where you are in relation to the rest of the Universe. We evolved with stuff in our hands, waving imaginary objects in mid-air is disconcerting and difficult to master — far from natural

via Editing Video in Mid-Air with the Leap Motion Controller by Eric Escobar.



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